800 square feet house plan

800 square feet house plan with car parking:

This 800 square feet house plan with car parking is made for the customers by our experienced civil engineers and architects. If your plot size is 800 square feet and you want to make the house with car parking, you can use the same house plan.

Main Entry:

The total plot size of this house plan is 21×38 feet. In this house plan, we took the outer walls of 9 inch and inner walls of 4 inch. There is the main gate of 10’7″ and when we enter the main gate, there is the car parking area.

Car Parking Area:

The car parking area is of 7’7″x14’6″ feet. At the left side of the car parking area, there is the verandah. We can use the verandah to enter the house as well as the staircase towards the first floor. If you want to use the first floor to the other family or the rent purpose, then this staircase is very useful. Because it maintains the privacy of the ground floor family.

Living Room:

In this 800 square feet house plan, When we enter the living room from the main door, The size of the main door is 4×7 feet. And the size of the living room is 9×12 feet. Then at the right side, there is the W.C. bath area. We can directly use this area without disturbing the privacy of the family.


At the left side of the Bathroom, there is a Bedroom of 9’x13’4″ feet. At the backside of the bedroom, there is an empty space of 9×3 feet, which is for ventilation, We can also use this empty space as a gallery.


At the right side of the bedroom, there is the kitchen of 7’2″x13′ feet. Kitchen has 2 windows and 1 door, The door is opened towards the wash area. Size of the wash area is 3×13 feet.

Also, watch the video if you want the deep information about this 800 sq ft house plan in Hindi.

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