Everything About Dog-Legged Staircase. Design, Plan, Etc.


Dog-legged staircase :

We use stairs as access to the various floors, There are various types of stairs. Dog-legged staircase generally used in nearly every residential building. Stairways consist of many individual steps, Each consist of the tread and riser.

A dog-Legged staircase is the configurations of the stairs between two floors of any building. In which the flight of stairs rises to the half landing of the stairs, before turning at the right angle, and counting upwords. The flights do not have to be equal.

Dog-Legged staircase
Dog-Legged staircase

The above image describes what actually a dog-legged staircase is.

Dog-Legged Staircase Plan.

Dog-Legged staircase plan

Tread, Riser, and Nosing.


Tread is the flat horizontal part of the staircase we step on. And Riser is the vertical part between each tread. Nosing is the portion of the tread that overhangs to the riser. The main feature of the nosing is to increase the attractiveness of the staircase.

Things to set up before designing.

The design of the staircase should be according to some below points. One should consider those points before designing effective stairs.

  • Position: The staircase should be placed in order to get easy access from all the rooms and with proper ventilation and light.
  • Flight: Flight means the slope on which the stairs are placed. There should not be less than 3 risers and more than 16 risers on a single flight.
  • Landing: The size of the landing should not be more than the total size of the flight. It is the general aspect, We can take the size of the landing according to our need, But generally, it is less than the flight.
  • Step Ratio: The size of the flights between one landing should be the same. This means if the one landing is dividing the two flights, Then the size of both flights should be equal.

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Design of Dog-Legged staircase.

Designing a Dog-Legged staircase for the residential building where space is given  9’x15′ feet. And height between floors is 11′ feet.


Generally, for residential buildings, we take the rise and tread for each step is 6 inch and 10” inch.

The dimension of stairs: 9’x15′ feet.

Height of the floor: 11′ feet.

Total no. of flights = 2. So, the height of the one flight is 11’/2 = 5′-4″ feet.

Rise = 6″ inch, Tread = 10″ inch.

no. of risers= 65″/6″ = 11 Risers.

no. of treads = 11-1 = 10 Treads.

Taking the width of stairs = 4′ feet.

For 10 treads, the length will be = 10×0.833

= 8′-33″feet.

Width of landing = (15′-8.33)/2 = 3′-2″feet.

 staircase design
Dog-legged staircase design


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