House Colour Combination I 2 Story Paint Options


Here D K 3D home Design posted a new scenario of double story house exterior colour combination. Every house or bungalow looks beautiful with the 3D exterior design and color combination. DK 3D home design made various color patterns of this two story house.


Let’s take a look towards the picture which is send by our customer before colour for the colour combination service.

Without colour house


Now, look at this 3d front elevation design with different exterior color combinations.


house colour exterior 1

Above image gives a grey, white and bluish-grey shade color combination to this house. It looks brighter and modern in this beautiful colour tones. Also, the contrast of these colors used in it, brings glorious and fresh look to this modern house. This colors are reflects sunlight hence house should less Hitting in summer. This color pattern gives simple and classy look to house. This color combination gives really attractive look to this modern house elevation.

Check here….. Exterior colour combination of home

house colour exterior 2

These shades of pale red with dusty white color integration make this house exterior bright and fresh. This melding of the new house design is illustrated throughout the home in a cohesive way. This corner side design of the bungalow gives exact exterior view from outside.

Click here for 3D Elevation Design of Residential House 

house colour exterior 3

These light brown color shade with peach body color integration make this house exterior bright and fresh. It look very stunning in this decent colour combination. All the parts of house design highlighted with the proper tones whichever used in the combination. This colour combination brings the most beautiful and unique look to the house exterior.

For 2D Floor Plan Click Here…. 30X40 2D House Floor Plan 

house colour exterior 4

It is the next glimpse of this modern house design with yellow- grey shades. These colors lighten up this modern house design from outside. Yellow and grey color combination gives bright look to house. In this color combination white color use to Highlight a door and window.

We posted for you few and unique aesthetic appearances of colour combination with this  Indian style house, with this you can search here for other elevations of single or multi-story houses, bungalow in traditional and modern designs and also browse to different colour combinations.

Like this colour combination here we posted lots of illustrations of 3d elevation designs and 2d floor plans for you. I hope you like this all the color combination please appreciate and share with your friends.

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