Small house interior design, exterior design, 2D plan and walkthrough


Welcome to DK 3D home design, It is the best online house planners and house designer in India. Today we have discussed the 24×33 small house interior design, exterior design, and its 2D floor plan made by our expert architects and floor planner’s team.

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Here, we have given the best small house plan and its interior and exterior design with a walkthrough, completely free for your dream house. Therefore we also called this a free house plan. This is the under 1000 square feet house plan because its total construction area is only 792 sq ft. This is the best simple house plan and simple house design.

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Small house exterior design for your dream house:

Small house exterior design is the modern house design or modern small house design because of its small construction area. This 24×33 small house design looks attractive and very simple. All the design work is constructed only in brick, sand, and cement so, it is economical for all common people. Therefore, this small house design is also called low-budget house design or low-cost house design.

Best 3D exterior elevation designs

small house exterior design
small house exterior design

The color combination of this small house is very attractive and rich due to this color combination increases the richness of the small house.

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24×33 small house plan:

small house plan
24×33 small house plan

This small house contains:

  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen room
  3. Bedroom 1
  4. Bedroom 2
  5. Common W.C. bath
  6. Staircase
  7. Verandah


The size of the verandah is 11’3″x6’3″ feet, this verandah can be used as a sit-out area. We can cancel this verandah and use it for bike parking.

Living room:

In this 2BHK house design, the size of the living room is 12×14 feet. And the living room has two windows, Due to these two windows ventilation will be good.


In this 2 bedroom house design, the size of the kitchen is 10×10 feet. The kitchen has only one window. We can take another window on the front side of the kitchen.

Common W.C. bath:

In this ground floor house design, the size of the common w.c. is 3’6″x4′ feet, and the size of the bathroom is 4×7 feet.

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In this modern house design, there is a staircase in front of the common toilet. This staircase is a dog-legged staircase. There is one door at the bottom of the stairs from which we can exit.

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Bedroom 1:

In this 24*33 house plan, The size of bedroom 1 is 11’6″x10′ feet. This bedroom has two windows.

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Bedroom 2:

In this 2bhk house plan, The size of bedroom 2 is 10’6″x10′ feet. This bedroom also has two windows.

Small house interior design for your dream house:

In this small house design, the interior design is made by our expert house interior designer. The interior decoration is also very beautiful and simple. These interior designs have been made according to the fact that they can be made at a very low cost. Therefore, these house designs can also be called low-cost house designs. If you want to see the detailed interior of the whole house then you can watch this video in a small walkthrough or animation.

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I hope you liked and understand this 1 story house design with a 2D floor plan. If you liked this small house design, please share this with your friends and family. It will help them to get this amazing small house design and 2D floor plan for free.


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