Staircase Position And Dimension As Per Vastu


A staircases position within the plan of a new house always constitutes a major decision, as this often dictates the layout of the entire property.

The primary purpose of stairs is that to provide a simple and easy moving between the house floors.

Staircase enables users to reach the upper levels very quickly and effectively. As buildings continue to grow, stairs are becoming more and more essential.

Nowadays stairs can be made even more accessible to people of all levels of physical ability through the installation of lifts and ramps.

Let’s look into the position of a staircase and its size within the home design.


Check out these different types of staircase


Staircase position and dimensions as per Vastu:


Internal staircase position as per vastu:


dimension of staircase as per vastu
internal staircase position as per vastu

Near the entrance is the best position to place an internal staircase in your home. According to Vastu Shastra, the staircase should always be made in the western or southern part of the house.

It should not be constructed in the northeast direction. It is recommended that the staircase in your house must always turn in a clockwise direction, i.e. either from north to south or from east to west.

The internal staircase should be such that it is directly visible to the visitor which is recommended by vastu shastra experts.

If you want to build your house upper floor for rental purposes, the internal stairs will not be suitable for your home. For that you have to make a stairway from outside the house.


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External staircase position as per vastu:


staircase position as per vastu
external staircase position as per vastu
  • If your house is facing east direction, external staircase must be in the south-east part of the property.
  • If your house is facing the west or south direction, external staircase must be in the south-west part of the property.
  • If your house is facing the north direction, the external staircase must be in the north-west part of the property.

The exterior position of the staircase is suitable for the houses which are given for rental purpose, because they can be easily accessed from outside according to the privacy of the house.


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Shape of the staircase as per vastu:


A square or rectangle-shaped staircase is not only great for the good vibes but is also practical in its design. In case of internal as well as external types of staircases, when turns at right angles, these shapes staircase ensure a good flow of positive energy.


Sizes of staircase:


It is more important to know the standard dimension or size of the staircase for our safety in our house.

Let’s know about the tread and riser in the staircase.


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dimensions of staircase


The size of the tread of the stairs is decided by the size of the feet of the average person. That’s why we take 10-inch regular tread size.

It is not that for comfort and safety, our entire foot should fit on the tread; we can increase the size of the tread as per the requirements.




dimensions of staircase

The height of the riser is maximum 7 inches. The riser height is limited by the way down the stairs. This riser height is comfortable to move on the next floor.


Width of staircase:


The minimum width of the staircase is 3 feet. It is similar to the minimum circulation zone.


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