Most Beautiful & Top Trending 5 Best Classic Bungalow Elevation Designs by D K 3D HOME DESIGN

Most Beautiful & Top Trending 5 Best Classic Bungalow Elevation Designs by D K 3D HOME DESIGN


The Classic Villa Design is inspired by the Roman and Greek architecture. This architectural style is characterized by columns, pediments and decorative mouldings. It has been adapted to modern day living.

You ever seen the classic bungalow only in white colour but, here we present all 5 beautiful classic villas with fresh and bright colour combinations which you never seen before.

Let’s take a look towards the best classic exterior designs.


Classic G+1 Bungalow Design

The above image shows the elegant classic house design which attract the everyone’s eye. The stunning front big porch brings the luxurious and rich look to this duplex villa.

In this double floor classic villa design, the middle semi-circular balcony having balusters giving most glorious look to this bungalow.

This green shade colour combination with white colour tones makes this villa richer in exterior looks.

The wooden dormer windows at first floor brings more ancient classic look to this bungalow, also the corner side tower glass and white mouldings looks very magnificent.


Here is the another most beautiful glimpse of classic bungalow design having the sloping roof. This sloping roof design looks more gorgeous to this 3-floor villa.

The front mumty design with half portion grooves and rough plaster with classic outside white moulding brings admirable beauty to this triple floor bungalow.

In this ancient type house design, back and forth slab positions at front, on each floor level gives the epic architectural design concept for this elevation.

This classic exterior elevation is most beautifully designed by our architecture for bringing the noble look in this modern villa.

It is the beautiful and most liked G+2 house design  on our social media. Its front elevation is different from the normal house front elevation designs.



This Design has been made according to the customer’s choice and requirements. The colour combination also provides according to the customers requirement.

The use of square CNC jali on mumty area brings the beautiful look to this classic residential building design. Porch tile, CNC net and sloping roof design on front balcony make the house magnificent and beautiful.

This is the small and stunning classic G+1 bungalow design having the half circular glass design on mumty. The use of white GFRC mouldings on the dormer window borders brings the ancient look to this classic villa elevation design.

In this classic design, most of the elevation parts are made according to the brick work and plaster used that’s why we can say it is the low cost and budget friendly classic exterior elevation design.

This new classical villa exterior design with boundary is developed by our D K 3D HOME DESIGN team. The specialty of the villa is that it has a unique boundary, most beautiful parking porch and gallery above it, beautiful tower that is mumty elevation for the duplex hall.

The wood Design and moulding to each and every part of this classic villa brings the grand impressive appearance and gives the pleasing vibes of living.

This duplex house exterior elevation brings the rich look with these wooden planks and off-white grey colour combination.

The design of parapet wall, down slab, compound wall, windows and others make this villa more stunning.




This is the 2 Side G+1 classic house elevation design having the beautiful porch at front middle side. We design this beautiful villa elevation by using classic and unique design ideas with different colour combination.

The whole elevation has been designed according to the customers’ requirements and their choice of references.

In this double floor house elevation, design of porch area, parapet wall, compound wall, windows, gallery, column gives the very awesome look to this classic house elevation. The colour combination of each design part highlights the modern lifestyle and create the calmness around the house area.

This is the trendy classic house design. The pyramid design at top of the middle gallery and mumty brings the most beautiful look to this double-story house exterior.


Not Only Five……D K 3D Home Design Posted Lots of classic elevation designs on social media accounts like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc…. All Designs made by our teams brings the satisfaction to our customers.


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