Retro Kitchens: 7 Funky Ideas To Inspire Your Design

Being the most visited and used space of the house, kitchens have slowly shifted from being boring and monotonous to styled. As we are moving forward with trends and popular designs, the need for creating a space that lines up with latest trends is very high.

However, there are times when you want to take a step back and go back in time – reign in the nostalgia. Enter, the retro aesthetic. Retro kitchens look amazing if you can get the overall look right. How to nail the perfect retro aesthetic? Here are some funky ideas to inspire your retro-style designs…

Retro Kitchens: 7 Funky Ideas To Inspire Your Design


1. Complete The Look with Patterned Flooring

Patterns and retro style go hand in hand. Flooring is a major part of how your space looks. Bold patterns are a great way to transport yourself into a different time. Use patterns with stone flooring or wooden tiling that gives a very rustic and retro look to the kitchen. Play with patterns and use pattern tiles to achieve this look.

2. Awesome Appliance

Have fun with your appliances. Choose appliances that give you an ‘old school vibe’. Retro refrigerators are a great way to bring in that retro look to the space. Giving your appliances a rustic look can also add to the ambience. Go beyond steel or white coloured appliances that give a more modern vibe and opt for brightly coloured or pastel appliances.

3. Rely on Pastels

Pastels are a great way to bring the retro vibe into your kitchen. Choose pastel shaded tiles for backsplashes or flooring or use pastel coloured cabinetry or hardware that can make your kitchen stand out. Pastel pinks and mint are more commonly used in kitchens.

4. Create A Retro Kitchen Diner

Merge the kitchen with your dining area. In the old days, due to constricted spaces, the kitchens were often combined with the dining area – making it one huge area. So, following the same path, create a retro-style kitchen dining area that makes for a larger and happy eating space. Chrome-edged tables and metallic chairs, and coloured countertops can add to the ambience.

5. Walls That Talks

Kitchens are not just an area where the appliances are reflective of the space and a place where you just eat. You can make the space more conversational by adding more personality to the walls. Add wall hangings or funky paintings that add depth and fun elements to the space.

6. Incorporate Funky Tiles

Experiment with tiles in the kitchen area. Mosaic tiles are smaller tiles that make it easier for you to create your own art and patterns that can suit your space. Use different colours and designs or even materials that are not commonly used in the kitchen to create a retro-style kitchen.

7. Add Monochrome Twist with Stainless Steel

If you are committed to a lot of colours, you can nail the retro vibe. Ditch the traditional tiled backsplash and go for subway tiles that gained momentum in the early 1950s. Incorporate more pastel shades and add a monochrome twist with stainless steel hardware. Get the iconic retro refrigerator that will finish the look.

Retro kitchens can be very easy to achieve if you get the basics of the look right. Get a monochrome palette, invest in retro appliances, understand the little details that add to the larger picture and add funky pieces to emphasise on the retro feel of the space. You don’t have to break the bank or invest in an entire new remodelling project, make small changes here and there and see the impact they have on the overall look of the space.



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