22×45 House Plan north-east facing.

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Here we brought a new 22×45 house plan with North-East facing road for you. This plan is made by our expert civil engineers by considering ventilation and all privacy. Here we have given detailed information about the plan.

  • Total area: 990 sq. feet (120 guz)
  • Outer walls: 9 inches
  • Inner walls: 4 inches

Starting from the east side. From the main gate, there is a bike parking area which is 8’x9’10” feet.

Main Entry:

There is a verandah, and then we enter in our living room.

Living Room:

In this 22×45 house plan, The main door of the living room is 4’x7′ feet. The inner size of a living room is 10’4”x15’ feet. It has one window. We can change the size of the window as per our requirement. After the living room on the right side, there is a common w.c bath area.

Common W.C. Bath Area:

W.C size is 4’x3’6” feet and bathroom size is 7X4’ feet. There is an open duct in the west side of the w.c for ventilation purpose. The left side of w.c bath area there is the bedroom.


The size of the bedroom is 11’X9’10” feet. The bedroom has two windows. After the bedroom on the left side, there is the staircase.

Stair Case:

The total area covered by the staircase is 6’x13’6” feet. These are also called Dog Legged staircase.

Dog legged staircase is the most economical staircase. In this plan, each step consists of a 10-inch tread and a 7-inch riser. The tread is the flat part you step on and the riser is the vertical part between each tread.

From the east side, channel gate is provided to enter the house. The right side of the staircase there is a master bedroom.

Master Bedroom:

In the South-East corner of the house, there is the master bedroom. The size of the Master Bedroom is 10’4” X12’4” feet. The master bedroom has one window.

There is an attached toilet bathroom to the master bedroom which is of 7’x4’ feet. The left side of the master bedroom there is a kitchen.


In the 22×45 House Plan. In the South-East corner of the house. There is a kitchen of 9’10”x10’ feet. There is another door in the kitchen towards the wash area. It has one window.

22×45 house plan

22x45 house plan

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