30×30 House Design | G+1 House Plan | Color Combinations

30×30 house design with its floor plan has created in two floors (G+1) that means, ground floor plan and first-floor plan.


This 30*30 square feet house plan is not drawn by DK3D home design but we only created a 3D elevation design of this double floor house.


Below we discussed both the floors with each & every detail.


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30×30 2 story house plan in 900 sq ft:


Let’s take a ground floor plan of this 30×30 house plan first,


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Ground floor plan:

900 sq ft house plan

In this 30 by 30 floor plan, the hall entry is from the left side street. There is 4 feet wide space left for walking. Next to it, a 15’X8’ car parking area is shown. In this small house plan, the size of the hall is given as 10’6 “X13’6”.


On the right, there is a 9’9”X11’9” space for the bedroom. In this 900 square foot home, a simple toilet block measuring 3’6”X7’ is built outside the bedroom.


On the way to the kitchen, it is spaced 13’6 “X9’6” with a 3’6 wide utility area in this small house plan.


The 30X30 square foot double floor house plan, which is convenient for access to the first floor, provides a block of the staircase at the rear.


All the space has been used properly in this small beautiful house plan. This ground floor has been constructed according to the 1BHK concept.


Let’s go to the next floor on the first floor of this little house.


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First floor plan:

30x30 house plan


The first floor of this 30×30 3d front elevation design is planned according to the ground floor plan. We enter the first floor of this small house by the steps at the back.


This staircase leads us directly into the living room which is given in 10’6”X13’6” feet. In this first floor plan, 6’6” feet wide open porch is given which is open to the living hall.


The 30 * 30 square feet house has two bedrooms on the right side of the first floor. One bedroom is 9’9″X11’9″ in size. Adjacent to this bedroom, 3’6”X7’ foot toilet block is given.


This double floor house plan has more of the next bedroom which is offered in an area of ​​13’6”X9’6” feet. This bedroom has a 3 feet wide backside balcony.


Adding both the floor’s bedroom there are 3 bedrooms in this small house. Therefore, you can call it 3BHK house also. Temporary columns are highlighted in this double-storey bungalow.


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30×30 2 floor house design with different attractive color options:


Dk3D home design has made only 3D elevation of this double story bungalow in two different colour combinations. These illustrations help you to build your dream house in beautiful designs.


Let’s take a look at the front elevation design of this small house which is presented below,

30x30 house design
30×30 2 floor house design


This is a picture of this new style 30*30 square foot house design with unique color integration. This double-story house brings variance in this brawn and white colour combination.

The design made on the gallery portion of this house gives a glorious look to this modern bungalow. Smooth finished Tile texture to the porch wall looks magnificent to this double story home design.


30×30 [900 sq ft] house exterior color combination:


30x30 3d front elevation design
30×30 3d front elevation design

This is additionally one colour combination illustration of this 900 square foot bungalow. The application of pale red and white colour on elevation design makes this small house more attractive.

Glass railing on the gallery area brings modern look to this 900 sq ft house design. The two side elevation design gives a pleasant appearance to This Indian style small bungalow.


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