30×50 house design and its modern floor plan with 3D cut section

30×50 house design with its new single story house plan with a 3D cut section. The total plot area of this 30 feet by 50 feet single floor house design is about 1500 square feet.


This 2 bedroom house indian style is actually constructed in 29’9″X48’9″ sq ft area.

This house front elevation design with its floor plan can be adjusted in 30X50 sq ft area. And its is made by the expert floor planner and home designers team of DK 3D Home Design.


Let’s have a look at it…


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30×50 house front elevation design with its 2D floor plan and 3D cut section in 1500 square feet:


D K 3D Home Design made the amazing 3D elevation design of this 30 by 50 single-floor 2bhk house plan in decent color combinations.


30x50 house front elevation design
30×50 sq feet house elevation 3d model


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Let’s see the 3D elevation glimpse of this 2 bedroom house plan in various colour combinations.


30x50 house design
30×50 house front elevation design in 1500 sq ft


This eggplant and toffee colour tones on this creamy shade brings the impressive appearance to this simple house design.


This both-side elevation design looks very unique and elegant in these colour tones. All the colours highlight very gloriously. Parapet wall design also makes this house more attractive.


In this 30×50 home design, The design made at mumty brings the attractive appearance more.


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The design given to the windows looks spectacular to this house. Wooden textures and CNC works bring a magnificent look to this house. Each portion of the elevation design made in a unique way.


Now let’s have a look at its floor plan.


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30×50 single floor house plan with 2 bedrooms and its 3D cut section:


30 feet by 50 feet house plan in 1500 square feet
30 feet by 50 feet house plan in 1500 square feet


In this ground floor plan, a 2BHK home concept is provided. let’s see the entire house plan details with all dimensions.


In this 2 Bedroom house plan, at front porch is made in 14’6″X12′ sq ft area. In this porch, the verandah is provided with stairs in 4’6″X7’11” sq ft space to enter into the house.


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Through this verandah, you can enter in the guest room which is made in 14’X16′ sq ft area.


In this 1500 sq ft 3D cut section, there is another door to enter in the house through the verandah. 4 feet wide passage is made therefore circulation.


left of this passage, the staircase is made to move towards the terrace area. Beneath of this staircase common toilet and bath block is given in 11’8″X4’9″ sq ft area.


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30×50 house plan 3d cut section:


30x50 house plan 3d cut section
30×50 house plan 3d cut section


In this 30*50 sq ft cut section, next to the guest room, the living hall is made in 18’6″X14’9″ sq ft area. This area you can use for dining purposes also.

The left side of this space, kitchen is provided in 8’X10′ sq ft area.

In this 2BHK home plan, next to the kitchen 12’X14′ sq ft size bedroom is given. In this bedroom 2’6″X6’8″ sq ft space is provided for the wardrobe.

Beside this bedroom again another bedroom is made in same size.

In this 30 by 50 sq ft house design, all the rooms are properly ventilated with doors and windows. This 1500 sq ft house plan is made by considering the orientation and privacy principles.


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