5 Questions You Must Ask Home Renovation Companies in Vancouver before Hiring

Getting a luxury home renovation is no easy feat. There are plenty of things that will need professional attention and the highest level of expertise.

You are renovating your old home because you want to bring in the most amazing design elements in the house that will enhance its appeal, functionality, value and luxury. For doing it right, you need to partner with the right renovation company.


Partnering with a Company for Home Renovation Vancouver


Home renovation can be essential at various stages of life. Maybe the house you are living in is getting old and outdated. Even though it might bring a certain vintage appeal in the look and sophistication, you might want facilities like sustainability and energy efficiency in the house. Maybe your elderly parents are moving in and that is why you are creating an accessible home interior for them.

Or maybe you have recently invested in a dated property and you want to renovate it in a home that will suit your current needs while keeping the essence of the construction intact. In any case, you need to hire companies like Roadhouse Homes that will help you with home renovation in Vancouver.

Before you hire any company, you should ask them some questions to figure out if they’re the right company for you. Take a look below to see the questions you should be asking.

  • How Long Have You Been in this Industry? 

The answer you’re most likely going to want to hear is that the company has been doing this for a long time. Even though expertise is not always dependent on experience, if a company of custom home building and renovation has been in the industry for a long time, it should mean that they have a good track record.

  • Are You Licensed?

This is a question that you must ask the company you are planning to hire. Even though licensing is not compulsory everywhere, the company will be using equipment within a neighborhood. Also, a licensed company means that they are a trusted one. One of the many risks of hiring an unlicensed company will be becoming helpless if the company suddenly decided to stop doing its job and leave town. 

  • Do You Have Insurance?

This is another crucial question you need to ask. The contractor will be responsible for renovating your home and during the home renovation project, and the laborers could accidentally damage something in your home. You surely don’t want an additional cost to pile up on the expenses of renovating a home already. Hiring a company that comes with insurance means that even if such an accident happens, your damages will be covered by them.

Also, the company should have workman’s insurance too. While renovating your home, accidents can happen which can cause serious injuries for the laborers. If the company is offering insurance for their team, then the treatment of this person and the compensation for their wage loss will be covered by the insurance and you, the homeowner, will not be answerable anyway.

  • What about Your Past Projects?

Of course, you would want to know about their past projects so that you get to see how they have worked. Generally, the website of the company you are hiring will have the details of their past projects. You can check them. Also, the company might be involved in award winning or nominated home renovation projects too. Check if the company has such records or not.

  • Will I Get Regular Updates During the Project?

When the home renovation is going on, you might or might not live in the same place. No matter what it is, the company or the contractor you are hiring should be liable to inform you every day about the project and its progress. If there is any necessary change in the plan or the expected timeline, you need to know about that beforehand. Hence, make sure that you are getting regular updates from the company.

So, now that you know what questions you should ask a custom home building company before hiring, what are you waiting for? Shortlist a few companies in Vancouver and conduct your interviews. 



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