How To Print House Interior Design Catalogs

The house interior design industry is growing at a fast pace all over the world, especially in the USA. To market your home décor business in the relevant market, you need to invest a hefty amount in your service advertisement. You can invest in cable and television ads, but printed catalogs are the best way to spread your brand image among your target clients. You can create professional wholesale catalog printing using appropriate size and color themes to impress and educate your target customers.

You can personalize your business catalogs as per your design preference using different printed details and visuals that impress your potential customers and attract them to get your company services and trust in your company.

Why Are Printed Catalogs Essential For Businesses

Wholesale catalogs are the best way to contact your target clients and guide them about the latest home decoration trends in the house building and real estate market. With the help of these catalogs, you communicate with your service buyers and give them an overview of your brand’s promotional offers. In fact, these catalogs help them choose any of the design that suits their needs according to their desires and budget.

In addition, they also have online web links that provide customers with more design resources. Wholesale catalogs for businesses play a key role in inclining customers to get the company’s service. These printed catalogs help customers provide relevant information about ideal home décor options that set their home apart from traditional home interior designs.

What Is Printed On The Custom Catalogs

These catalogs are printed with high-quality home design images with relevant textual and visual details, including their cost. Brands also share free wholesale catalogs as a gift to their potential clients and people in their circle. While designing the catalogs, it’s essential for home décor brands to use suitable and easily readable font size, style, page background image, color theme, and space between the content. That way, you can create a professional-looking catalog for your house design business.

While designing the catalog, you must start with a catchy front and back cover page and contents table to make them look well-organized, which makes it easy for buyers to easily read the relevant content. Use appropriate headings and perfect layout design to make them look professional.

Let’s have a look at these printed options one by one for creating fantastic catalogs:

1- Headings / Headlines

Your catalog headlines should be catchy and understandable with an average length that helps make it easy for readers to get the primary concept of the content below that heading. Use the heading words during wholesale catalog printing that represent the content below it. In the below writings, also add images and graphics to make the content catchy.

2- Perfect Layout Design

After the printed information, the design of the layout has more value for designing catalogs than you think. The more your marketing book’s layout is catchy and organized, the more customers you satisfy and appeal to with your creativity, leading to meeting your marketing goals. Decide about the shape and dimensions of your business catalog, and then plan about choosing the appropriate layout design for your catalog.

In addition, both portrait and landscape designs are used in designing home decoration catalogs. However, portrait style design is more popular among home décor service provider companies. Captivating catalog designs impress customers and provide them with a good experience, which leads to boosting your company’s marketing and sales profit.

Furthermore, you can print QR codes on the pages of the wholesale catalogs, which reveal your company’s advanced level in using the latest technologies trending in the home interior design business market. It also makes it possible to tie all the important and relevant online content together with the catalog, which saves your time.

3- Appropriate Style And Size Of The Font

Fonts play a key role in strengthening your printed catalog’s message and impressing customers with their catchy designs. Easily readable make your branding campaign successful and bring more customers to your brand. 

4- Catchy And Relevant Images Printing

Visuals have a greater impact on customers’ buying behavior than we think. You can use relevant and attractive-looking images and photos of home designs for each listing. However, ensure that you use high-resolution and HQ photos for your catalog printing. In addition, you must use the eye-grabbing template design for your custom catalog printing, matching your brand’s overall theme design.

Home Décor (Interior Design) Presentation

You can also give a business presentation to your top and target clients about your home interior designs and their positive impact on your environment and your modes. For that purpose, you can use custom die cut presentation folders. These folders help provide the audience with key details about your business. Furthermore, you can also customize them as per your design ideas and create die cut window folder that looks great when the presentation holds them in its hands.

The Bottom Line Of The Blog

Above are the key details about professional designing wholesale catalog printing for your home interior decoration business. They help promote your home decor business in the highly competitive market. In addition, you can customize them with catchy designs that positively impact the buyers’ service-buying decisions.


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