How To Take Care of Your Dream Kitchen Without Putting Much Time and Effort?

How To Take Care of Your Dream Kitchen Without Putting Much Time and Effort?


The kitchen is the hub of a home. It is the most allured living area inside the house. And cabinets and islands are the main attractions of the kitchen.

Everything you use needs proper maintenance and care, and your cabinets are no different. Whether customized expensive cabinets or fast-assembled RTA cabinets, all need care and maintenance.

However, maintaining the cabinets is not a difficult job. You can easily keep them in a spick and span condition sans putting much effort and time. 


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RTA cabinets :


RTA or ready-to-assemble cabinets are an affordable kitchen cabinets option. They are not as costly as the pre-assembled ones.

You need to put the pieces together to give them a complete look. However, it’s not a tough job. You can do it on your own. And if you can’t, then call a local carpenter to do the assembly of the RTA cabinets wholesale for you. 


Tips to keep your cabinets in a spick and span condition


  • Episodic cleaning – Maybe you’re a neat and clean cook. The greatest enemies of your cabinets are grease and oil. They easily and invariably get aerosolized and then mixed up in the steam when you cook. You have nothing to do about this. However, you can use splatter shields. You may also use an outside-vented range hood. Nevertheless, the latter has its maintenance issues. Finally, the fact is you have to clean the cabinets. Whenever you try a new method or a new product, test it on a small area to be on the safe side. As it comes to oil and grease, you require something to cut through. And one of the gentle and easy ways is to use a mild soapy solution. Though dish soap is a bit harsh than liquid hand soap, the former leaves almost no residue. So, it would be better. Use a sponge or cloth for cleaning. But never use any abrasive thing such as steel wool. If the cabinets have a naturally stained wood finish, then you may use any furniture oil or polish to restore the natural look while protecting the same from humidity. 


  • Sporadic deep cleaning – Regular cleaning is a must. Still, dirt and grease will sneak into the nooks and corners, particularly around the hinges and hardware. Therefore, it would be great to disassemble the RTA cabinets once in a couple of years. If not possible, then remove the hardware at least to clean them individually. Don’t forget to clean the wood around the outlines. Remove the door though it’s not essential. As the hardware is being removed, you may replace them, as necessary. It’s not an expensive idea either. But it can give the kitchen a remarkable facelift as well as a fresh look. Also, it will save your energy and time while compared to cleaning old hardware. But again, these are not a must. Do them, if possible. This applies to all kitchen cabinets including cherry kitchen cabinets.



  • Touch up – Things wear out over time. Usually, RTA kitchen cabinetsstores have everything needed to repair trivial wear and damages. Is there a drawer that sticks? You may think about replacing the glides of the drawer. Is any door noisily smacking while being closed? Replace it. You may install soft-close dampers rather. For cosmetic damages such as scratches and dings, use wax pencils and minor repair kids. They come in various colors. They can fill in the missing material and rectify the damages with the same color as the finish of the wood. Before applying them, make sure you clean the area around properly. For regular touchup, use a bottle spray of mild all-purpose cleaner. This can be used for regular cleaning as well. Don’t skip cleaning after heavy use. Use an old toothbrush for cleaning out the crevices. 


These are a few important steps that you need to follow to keep your kitchen in a spick and span conditions for years. 


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