Paschim Mukhi ghar ka naksha Vastu Ke Anusar 2 Room


Humane aapke liye 972 sq ft plot me mein ek naya 2 bed room wala ghar ka naksha Laya hai. Ye 2 room wala ghar ka naksha vaastav mein 27×36 sq ft plot me banaaya gaya hai.

Ye 972 sq ft me ye plan hamare client ki or se 2 BHK House ke yojana ke saath pesh kiya gaya hai. Is 27 X 36 plot ki disha pachim disha ki or hai.

Or is plot ko ek hi rasta diya hai. Jo rasta pachim disha ki or hai. Pura paschim mukhi ghar ka naksha humane vastu shastra ke hisab se banane ki koshish ki hai. Chaliye sabhi aayaamon ke saath is ghar ke nakshe ka vivaran dekhate hai.


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27×36 ghar ka naksha 2 room paschim mukhi vastu ke anusar:

  Paschim mukhi ghar ka naksaha 2 room


Carpet Area for Ground Floor:


Particular     Size (WXL)    Area  (sq.Ft)     Area (Sq.M.)
Living Room 13’2’’X10’6’’ 139.92 13.00
Kitchen 9’0’’X10’0’’ 90.00 8.36
W/c 4’0’’X3’7’’ 14.40 1.33
Bath 7’4’’X4’0’’ 29.60 2.75
Bed Room 12’0’’X9’0’’ 108.00 10.03


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  Particular Size (WXL) Area  (sq.Ft) Area (Sq.M.)
Plot Area 27X36 972.00 90.33
Built Area 612.17 56.90
Total Super Built Area 890.00 82.71
Wash Area 30.00 2.78
Parking Area 135.50 12.50


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Now, let’s understand schedules of opening of this plan:


       Details Sign Size (In Sqmtr) Remark
I.T.W. DOOR D 1.22 X 2.10 Main Door
I.T.W. DOOR D1 0.090X2.10 All  Door
Solid flush Door D2 0.750X2.10 Toilet And Bathroom
Aluminium Window W 1.52 X 1.22 windows
Concrete Vetilator V 0.60X0.60 Ventilator


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  1. The kitchen is too small, where to place the dining table in this small kitchen ?? Is is good to face south while cooking ?? I don’t think this design is as per Vastu.


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