Vastu Shastra For Bedroom: Everything About How Bedroom Should be. 2021


The bedroom is the most important room in our house. A bedroom is a place where we remove our day to day fatigue. We spent more than 30-40% time of your life into the bedroom. We start any of our days by waking up from the bedroom. Here we will see what Vastu Shastra says about the position of the bedroom’s Ventilation, Decoration and colours, And lots of things about Vastu For Bedroom.

#1. The entry of bedroom as per Vastu.

The entry of the bedroom according to Vastu is the North, West and East side of the room.

#2 Position Of The Bed As Per Vastu Shastra.

According to Vastu, bed placement is very important, Because of its effects on the health and sleep quality of the family members.

  • The bed should be placed in the South or the West direction.
  • Your bed should be placed with the head towards the West or South So that your legs point towards the North or the East When you sleep. The bed in the visitor’s room(Guest Room) can have its head towards the West.
  • The position of the bed should be centrally attached to the wall.
  • The bed should be in the centre so that all three sides have space to move.
  • South direction is best if you want to sleep longer.

Avoid This:

  • Avoid applying bed in the corner of the room as it prevents positive energy.
  • Don’t sleep doing legs towards South, According to Vastu Shastra, because it effects on our mind.
  • Never place the bed exact opposite to the door.
  • There should not any beam a crossing over the bed.
  • Avoid the temple in the bedroom.
  • Don’t keep broken things into the bedroom.
  • Keep the door of the attached toilet close.
  • Avoid dressing table in front of the bed.
  • Avoid Dark Colour to the bedroom.
  • The bed should not be of a round or egged shape.
  • Avoid more than a single door to the bedroom.

#3. Bedroom Colour According To Vastu Shastra.

Vastu For Bedroom

Colours don’t only make life colourful but also affects on our mood, health and happiness. Paint the bedroom with Off-White, Baby-Pink or Cream colour, Avoid the dark colours. You can also use light rose, grey, blue, chocolate, green, etc colours for the bedroom as per Vastu.

#4. Vastu For Bedroom Furniture.

The accurate placing of the furniture in the bedroom is more effective to make you feel at home. According to Vastu Shastra For Bedroom, Heavy furniture like cupboards and almirahs should be in the South-West direction.

#5. Position of Bathroom According to Vastu Shastra.

According to the Vastu, Bathroom attached to our bedroom should be at the West side of the room.

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