What Is Master Bedroom? And Its Standard Sizes.

What Is Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom(M. bedroom) is one of the most essential parts of our home. It is the largest bedroom in the house. It consists of a bed, wardrobe, study table and the outmost part is a private attached bath and toilet. A good M. bedroom should be hidden from all the rooms, And it is intended to be a private part of the house. You can refer to the below image to clarify your idea about the M. Bedroom.

what is Master Bedroom
what is Master Bedroom

How Master Bedroom Should be?

The points given below will help to clarify your idea about how your M. Bedroom should be according to Vastu and all the general considerations.

  • It should be located in such a way that, there should be enough ventilation for air circulation and should provide all the privacy.
  • The best location for the master bedroom is the behind of the house.
  • As per the Vastu, it should be located in the South-West part of the house. And in the case of the multi-story building, It should be on the top floor in the South-West corner.
  • The placing of the bed should be at the center of the room. The bed should not be visible from the door.
  • There should be proper ventilation to the toilet and bathroom to avoid the smell from the toilet.
  • It should contain the workspace.
  • The outside view from the M. Bedroom should send a positive vibe.
  • There should always the direct sunlight, to maintain the light in the room.
  • The furniture should be matched with the color of the walls and it will make the room beautiful and attractive.
  • It should fully private from the outside peoples or guests.
  • It not to need expensive or extraordinary, but it should be special.

Standard Sizes Of The Master Bedroom.

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Minimum Size of the M. Bedroom.

The minimum size for the M. Bedroom should not be less than 9’x10′ feet. Because we have to keep a lot of stuff like the wardrobe, bed, study table and the outmost part is a private attached bath and toilet. If our M. Bedroom is less than the minimum size, then it will be complicated to use. But if your plot size is small then, you can take even less size than the minimum size.

what is Master Bedroom
House Plan With Master Bedroom.


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