18*40 House Plan | 720 Sq Ft 1Bhk New House Plan

18*40 house plan is the best 1bhk small house plan in a 720 sq ft plot. Our expert floor planners and house designers team has made this house plan by using all ventilations and privacy.

If you are searching for the best small house plan in 700-800 square feet, then there will be no better option than this 720 sq ft house plan for your dream house.

You can use this house plan as it is by just adjusting it according to your plot size and requirements.


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18*40 1bhk small house plan:


In this 18×40 house plan, The interior walls are 4 inches and the exterior walls are 9 inches. There is no car parking area given because the plot area is small.

Starting from the road, there is a staircase of 6’4″ feet wide to go on the first floor. From below the staircase, we can enter the living room of the house by using the main door.


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Living room:


In this 18 by 40 house plan, the size of the living room is 14’6″x13′ feet and it has one window.

Inside the living room, there is another door towards the kitchen.


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In this 720 square feet 1 floor house plan, the size of the kitchen is 9’5″x10’6″ feet and it has one window.

The kitchen also has another door towards the wash area of 3’5″ feet wide. On the left side of the kitchen, 3 feet space has left for ventilation.

After the living room, there is the common T/B area.


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Common T/B:


In this 18×40 house plan, the size of the W.C. is 3’6″x4′ feet and the size of the bathroom is 3’6″x7′ feet. On the backside of the W.C. bath, there is an open duct for ventilation.

Besides the W.C. bath, there is the bedroom.


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In this 720 sq ft 1bhk house plan, the size of the bedroom is 8’10″x11′ feet and it has one window.


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18*40 1 bedroom small house plan:

18*40 house plan


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