10 Awesome Exterior House Paint Color Ideas For Single Floor House

Exterior house colors for the single-floor building suggested by DK 3D Home Design to one of our clients.

In order to remodel your house, you’ve to be resourceful and artistic, hence think upon the changes you’d wish to bring while renovating your house. Here are some best ways to bring modern life to your old house.

Get lots of exterior house paint color combination ideas with great designs. If you planning to give a new look to your home exterior, search through our exterior house color combination collections posted especially to enhance your stylish home.

The glorious looks of your house will depend upon your smart choice of choosing the rich colors for the exterior of your house.

This is our one of order to recolor the old house. Our customer wanted to color his house in a different and unique way, so we had suggested a lot of exterior color combinations for their single-floor house.


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Exterior House Colors Combinations For Single Floor House:


Actual Image Of Clients Single Floor House:


Exterior House colors


It is the actual site image of the house of a customer on which we had to give the best color combinations for this double floor house.

Here we posted an illustration of house paint colors given to our customer house. All thease vivid color combinations give a rich appearance to this above home picture.

Our expert has applied various color hues to this house in following some images.


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Color option 1:


exterior house colors

This desert sand exterior house color creates a rich impression on smaller properties with light & dark grey shade on this modern and classic house all at once.


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Color option 2:


home colour outside

This color combination highlights the bright and fresh look of the exterior walls of the house. This stylish color painting looks so attractive to the outer face of this house design.


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Color option 3:


house front colour

This luxuriously rich and brownish-crimson house front color creates a stylish paint combination to this house. It’s looking more attractive with the shades of grey color.


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Color option 4:


house painting colour combinations

The combination of pale red like ‘strawberry milkshake’ makes the home aesthetically attractive. The creamy white paint quietens the boldness of the pale red color. This house painting colour combinations so beautiful to this small villa.


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Color option 5:


house colour outside

Grey nuance it’s a cool color that sits beautifully in this little stylish home. A clean white surround portion draws your eye to the calming grey-white color mix. This house outside color combinations gives rich look to this house.


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Color option 6:


exterior house colors


This brownish-crimson exterior house colors applied on some small properties shows a bold look to the exterior of this house. By the white and gray color, this house looks attractive.


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Color option 7:


house exterior paint

Here is the new and very unique house exterior paint combination. This house looks elegant and fresh with these yellow and blue color highlights.


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Color option 8:

house color combinations


This is another fresh with bright color home design, which looks so beautiful with all the ideas used in it. This light blueish color with white colour integration made this house bright and aesthetic.


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Color option 9:


house front colourLook at this new color combination, which is shaded in olive green with silent white color. This color combination gives another newest look to this elegant bungalow design.


Color option 10:


house colors


This blue white house color’s combinations highlight the bright and fresh look of these exterior walls of the house. This stylish color painting looks so attractive to the outer face of this house design.

The choice of different colors will make your home a perfect place for summers as well as winters.

Like this recolor work of the old house, we take the orders for exterior remodeling of old houses in different and modern styles. Everyone wants to design their house in such a way that reflects one’s style and personality. So it is a fruitful way to exhibit your luxurious lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it informative. If you want any exciting ideas to renovate or recolor an old house exterior, please contact us on the WhatsApp numbers below.

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