Modern House Designs | Top 5 Modern Designs With Rich Color Combinations


Modern home designs can be exterior or interior and the internet is filled with countless interior design ideas.

But what about the modern exterior designs? There are only little amount of modern and rich exterior designs on the internet.

In this post, you will see the most amazing and unique modern exterior designs of the house, made by our expert house designers and architects team.

All the designs are unique and have the best rich color combinations. If your budget is medium, then this post is only for you. And others can enjoy watching beautiful houses.


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Top 5 Most attractive modern house designs with rich color combinations:


#1. modern house exterior design:

modern house designIt is the best double floor modern home design with modern rich color combinations. It is a normal budget house design with an attractive balcony design.

The CNC design of this double-floor building makes it more beautiful. The mumty design and simple window designs on the left side of the building make that side attractive.


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#2. Low budget modern 3 bedroom house design:

It is the best modern 3 bedroom house design with the most amazing house elevation. It has the best architectural design look to the balcony. The CNC designs and wooden architecture make the house more attractive.

The parapet wall design and gallery design with the most amazing color combinations make the house front elevation more attractive.


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#3. Modern beautiful house design with rich color combinations:

Modern home design


It is one of the most attractive modern home designs with rich color combinations made by our expert floor planners and house designers team.

This is a modern 2 floor house design with an amazing box-shaped balcony design. The CNC work and the wooden architecture on the balcony make the house more attractive.

The attractive mumty design and the wooden texture on the front wall increase the richness of the house and never fail to attract every single person looking around the house.


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#4. Modern small house design:

modern house small design

It is the best single floor modern small house design with the best and unique color combinations. The wooden architecture on the parapet wall makes the house more modern and rich.

The compound wall design and window glasses increase the attractiveness of the house and make the house more modern.


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#5. Double floor ultra-modern house design

Ultra modern home design

It is the best double floor ultra modern house design with the most amazing and rich color combinations.

The wooden architecture and CNC designs of the house make the house more modern and increase its attractiveness. The box-shaped gallery design and compound wall design make the whole front elevation more unique.


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All the above designs were made by our expert architects and house designers team.

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