Window design | 20+ window design ideas for your dream house


Window design provides the most important role in the front elevation design of the house. Window grill design and window glass design is the most important part of the window designs. house window design is the most important part of the house to allow natural lights and air inside of the house.

There are lots of types of window designs but here we are showing only some of the most important types of window designs which are as follows.


Different types of window designs are as follows:


#1. Wooden window design


Since ancient times, wooden window designs has been most used in all over the world and till now it is being used. Wooden window designs for Indian homes are mostly used because India is a progressive country.

Wooden window design catalogue:


In wooden window design, If you want window grill design new style for your house, then window grill design then see in below.


Window grill design:



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In the front elevation of the house, every part of the windows is important likes window design, window grill design, window glass design, window frame design, and box window design, etc. There are many types of window designs are used.

Following are some types of window design:

  • box window design
  • wooden window design
  • steel window design
  • steel window design
  • sliding window design
  • glass window design
  • iron window design
  • louver windows
  • aluminium window design
  • glass film design
  • modern window grill design
  • bedroom window design
  • bathroom window design

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Some attractive window elevation design ideas:

The video given below contains the beautiful window elevation design ideas. You should watch those and get the best ideas of window elevation designs for your dream house.

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I hope you liked these window designs and window elevation design ideas for your dream house. And thank you for seeing our post. Must share this if any of your friends or relatives need to know about this. Also visit our Youtube channel by clicking this link, DK3DHOMEDESIGN.


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