2200 Square Feet House Plan | 40×55 3Bhk Single Floor House Plan

This is the 2200 square feet single-floor house plan. This plot area is 40X55 sq ft means 2200 sq ft but the house is constructed in about 2000 sq ft area.

In this single floor house plan, 3 bedrooms are provided, so it is a 3 Bedroom house plan or you can say it 3BHK house plan also.

Let’s see the entire features of this 3BHK home plan.


See the front elevation design of this 2200 sq ft 3bhk single floor house plan with different attractive exterior color combinations


2200 square feet 3bhk single floor house plan in 40×55 sq ft with car parking:


2200 sq ft single floor 3bhk house plan
40×55 3bhk house plan in 2200 square feet

In this single-floor house plan, separate main gate is provided for the car parking porch. This parking porch is in 11’2”x25’2” sq ft area.

Beside it, a stairway is provided to go towards the terrace area. On the right side, 12’6” feet wide area is occupied by a garden area.

For the entrance into this 2200 Square feet house plan, verandah is provided at front of the living room. This verandah is in 10X4 sq ft area with few stairs. The area occupied by living room is 18’X14’ sq ft.


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In this 40*50 square feet home plan, 15’10”X12’9” sq ft area is made in the middle for the orientation. You can use this area for dining also.

The bedroom is made in 13’X15’ sq ft area which is on the right side of the living hall. Adjacent to it, storeroom created at outside in 8’X6’6” sq ft area. Adjacent to this store room, again next bedroom is made in 14’X16’ sq ft area.

In this three bedroom home plan, left of the dining area another bedroom is given in 14’X12’ sq ft area.

The kitchen is made adjacent to this bedroom which is in 14’6”x11’ sq ft space. This kitchen has backside 5 feet wide wash area.

In this single floor home plan, sanitary area is provided beside the kitchen. In which water closet is made in 4’X4’6” sq ft area and bathroom is in 5’X8’ sq ft area. In this, 3’4” feet wide space is made for basin.

This house is featured with all the amenities and openings such as door, window and ventilations at suitable place.


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