Ground Floor Godown Construction Plan With Design India

1000-1400 square feet low-cost 2-floor house plan with ground floor small godown design is the best ground floor godown construction plan in India. It is made by our expert home designer and home planners team by considering all ventilations and privacy.

This is the new 2D house floor plan offered by our customer to make a 3D elevation design of this two-story house.


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1000-1400 sq ft house plan with ground floor small godown front elevation design:


We will know about the details of this 2-floor house with godown front elevation design after the floor plan details.


Let’s start with the floor plan details.


2-floor house plan with stilt parking or godown construction:


Ground floor small godown plan with 3d Cut section:


Ground floor small godown plan
Ground floor small godown plan

The actual size of this double floor house is 32’9″X42′ sq ft area. Here we consider it is a 30X40 sq ft home plan because it is normal house size.


This home plan can be further modified in 35X45 sq ft or 30X45 sq ft home plan. This house is made in near about 1200 sq ft plot area.


In this 1000-1400 sq ft house ground floor godown house plan, at ground floor 30’3″X32’9″ sq ft large hall is made according to the customer’s requirement.


In this big hall sanitary area is made with two separate toilets and a bath block. This toilet is made in 4’4″X3’6″ sq ft space and the bathroom is given in 7’2″X3’6″ sq ft space. In front of it a small area is made for a washbasin.


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Low-cost small godown 2d design cut section:


Low-cost small godown 2d design cut section
Low-cost small godown 2d design cut section

In this ground floor house plan, This large size hall has two main entries. you can enter from both sides. At the front, the staircase is made to access the first floor. Otta was also provided at the front side to enter inside the hall area.


Now come towards the next floor that is the first floor of this house.


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First-floor plan with 3D cut section:


1000-1400 sq ft house plan with ground floor stilt car parking
1000-1400 sq ft house plan with ground floor stilt car parking

This first floor is made according to the residential purpose, in which 2BHK home concept is used. Through the ground floor staircase, you can enter on this first floor. In front of it covered tarrace us made.


In this double floor house 3D cut section, living hall is made in 16’5″14′ sq ft area. Adjacent to it kitchen and dining area is made which is given in 14’4″X14′ sq ft space.


In which small space for pooja room also made. This kitchen has store room which is made in 10’6″X7’3″ sq ft space.


In this 1200 sq ft home plan and section, this kitchen has left side utility area. Next to the kitchen small lobby is created for the easy orientation inside the house.


Right of it, sanitary block is made with 7’3″X3’6″ sq ft bathroom and 4’5″X3’6″ sq ft water closet. Foremost of it area for washing machine and wash basin is made.


In this 30*40 sq ft home plan at rear side master bedroom is made in 16’6″X11′ sq ft area and beside it another bedroom is made in 14’4″X11′ sq ft area.


In this 30 by 40 sq ft home plan and section, on both the floors all rooms are properly ventilated and it is made well according to orientation and privacy principles.


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First floor plan 3D cut section:


1200 sq ft first floor plan 3d cut section

In the 3D cut section & floor plan, all the rooms are featured with the tentative furniture position.


D K 3D Home Design made the amazing exterior 3D elevation design of this double floor house plan with a glowing color combination.


1000-1400 sq ft 2 floor house with small godown construction design and attractive colour combinations in India


house design with godown

This aqua and charcoal color looks very distinct to this elevation design.

Let’s see the 3D elevation glimpse of this 2 bedroom house plan in another superb exterior colour combinations.


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Color combination #1:

This is the two-floor simple elevation design. This house elevation design made in new exterior color combination.


A simple type of Parapet wall design in Chocolate, antique gold, and wooden texture look very tempting to this elevation design.


CNC texture given to the mumty looks gorgeous and glorious. Each and every design part in this double story house design created in unique way, which highlightens the whole exterior elevation design.


Wooden texture gives the modern and pleasing look to this 2 bedroom house design.


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Colour combinations #2:

This is the Next picture of this simple house elevation design in another color combination. The colour shade of this Indian-type home design brings a decent appearance and makes this two-story home elevation very desirable.

This pale red and eggplant colour tones look very amazing to this Indian house exterior.


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