Parapet Wall Design And Balcony Design Ideas | 30+ Amazing Designs

Here are some 30+ stunning parapet wall design balcony/gallery design ideas, having some awesome features are posted. Browse here to get an exterior parapet wall and gallery design ideas for your modern house elevation.

Our below Collections of the various parapet wall and gallery designs will give you an idea to make your house stylish and modern.

Let’s see some parapet design and balcony design ideas with the short sparkle of details.


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30+ parapet wall design and balcony design ideas for your dream house:



parapet wall design


This is the new parapet wall design made in RCC Material and also in steel pipe railing. This front parapet wall design gives an attractive look to the house. You can use this design to double story house also. Because of the contrasting color, this parapet design brings a different look to the house.


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modern parapet wall design


Here is another design of the parapet, which is in distinction colors. It looks very special to this single-story house. This parapet wall design is simple but attracts an impressive appearance.


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ideas for balcony


Look at this new parapet wall design combination, which is shaded in fresh contrast colors. This color combination gives another newest look to this elegant parapet wall design.

You can use this elegant design for a 1-floor house also. The balcony design with the steel railings also looks amazing.


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front balcony design

It’s a cool gallery as well as a modern parapet wall design that suits beautifully to this little stylish home. This is a unique design that gives bright look to this home.

The color combination used in it gives a rich appearance to this gallery.


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balcony decoration ideas

The quadrilateral sections and vertical struts bring a new Indian look to this house gallery as well as the parapet wall. The color combination to this portion also gives an attractive appearance to this house. This kind of exterior balcony decoration should be always used in modern designs.


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gallery design

In this image, steel pipe railings are used as a parapet wall. This is an Indian-style parapet wall design that can look more attractive to any exterior elevation. The gallery design like C-shape and L-shape gives modern look to the house.


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modern parapet wall design and balcony design

This is a new design of the front face gallery, which is made on two sides. This shows a very elegant sight with a steel pipe railing to the parapet. The vertical white square pipe at the corner side enhances the exterior house’s beauty.


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decoration for balcony

Here is the modern design of the gallery with the glassy parapet wall. This glass railing gives stylish look to this gallery. Rooftop steel circular pipes make this house attractive. The small square box design looks elegant on the rooftop railing.


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house balcony design

This house balcony design has been made in different designs. A one-side open rectangular design in a suitable color provides a unique vision to this house. With these exterior elevation ideas, this house looks more attractive.

Steel pipe railings are provided for safety purposes at the edges of the roof and also enhance the outer view of the house.


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border parapet wall design

This is the new design of the parapet wall in new shapes with a steel pipe railing. It gives stunning look to your house roof.

“There are many elements that capture the essence, which will help create” Indian styled gallery and parapet wall designs.


See the following Collections:









modern iron railing design for balcony border parapet wall design


border parapet wall design


border parapet wall design, box shaped balcony design


balcony railing design and parapet wall


modern parapet design


balcony designs and parapet wall designs


parapet wall design ideas


balcony design and gallery design+


gallery design and parapet wall design


parapet design


Like this design work, we take the orders for exterior remodeling of old house galleries and parapet designs in different and modern styles. Everyone wants to design their house in such a way that reflects one’s style and personality. So it is a great way to exhibit your house exterior.

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