Pooja Room Vastu | Position Of Pooja room in house as per Vastu

Pooja room Vastu for east facing house or the position of pooja room in the house as per Vastu shastra for any east, west, north, south facing is the most important thing to consider while making the house as per Vastu shastra.


When we build a new home some peoples wants to make pooja room in their house, especially the Indians. According to Vastu shastra, the pooja room plays an important role in harnessing.


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Why we provide the pooja room as per vastu shastra?


Pooja room direction is the most auspicious and sacred room in your home. Hence, to protect this room from negative energies, we have to locate this room as per the Vastu shastra because it spreading the positivity throughout your house.


You must sure that the pooja room in your home is capable of enhancing and attracting positive energies in and around your home.


This post is to help you to identify the best possible location for a pooja room or prayer room in your house.


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Let’s see the position of pooja room for east facing house as per Vastu shastra:


Pooja room vastu for east facing house
direction of pooja room as per vastu in east facing house

The direction of the pooja room in the house should be provided in North-East corner of your home.


If this corner is not available because of any reason, you can make the pooja room in East facing or West side of your home. The prayer room should never be located in south direction in your home.


It is best to keep the pooja room on ground floor. Never make it in basement or first or above floors. Avoid pooja place above, below or next to any toilet or kitchen or under a staircase.


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It is very auspicious to construct pooja room as per vastu at center in the big buildings/ homes or factories. If you want to make pooja room in kitchen, it must be at north – east direction of the kitchen, hence you can face east direction while praying.


Do not make the pooja ghar in store room and also avoid the place of prayer room in any bedroom. If however there is no option to make the room anywhere inside the house then uses the north-east corner of the bedroom as pooja place.


Prayer Room can have doors and windows in north or east walls. White, light yellow or light blue colors should be used for walls of pooja room.


There must be a threshold for entry to the pooja room. It is very auspicious, if the roof of pooja room is pyramid shape and also White or light yellow colored marble work in prayer room.


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This creates a meditative atmosphere using Colour of the pooja ghar as per vastu shastra. Light colors help to keep the room space bright, while dark, loud shades can distract when you pray.


Not only will your pooja be brighter but it will ensure that you get plenty of ventilation and you can sit comfortably when you pray for a long time.


Once you ready the structure of your pooja room, then you have to think about placement of your idol. To ensure continuous air flow around the idol, it should be few inches away from the wall and minimum six inches above the ground or floor level.


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By balancing the colours and elements, locate the pooja room in auspicious way as well as make pooja ghar as per Vastu Shastra compliant in your home.


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