Everything about built-up area, super built up area, and carpet area


Built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area are the terms used in building construction. It is the most important thing to know these terms either you are buying a new property or doing anything related to the building construction.

In this post, you will learn, what does built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area mean and how to calculate it by using its formula.

So, let’s get started…

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Everything about built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area.

What is a built-up area or plinth area and how to calculate it?

built up area
Built-up area

The total area used to construct any structure or building is known as the built-up area or plinth area. It includes all the components of the building such as beam, column, wall, etc.

it covers all the thickness of the wall and columns. The terrace area is also included in the built-up area.

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Formula for calculating built up area:

Built-up area/Plinth area = Carpet area + area of walls + area of the balcony

The built-up area is 70 to 80% of the super built-up area.

According to BIS, built up area is not included:

  • Area of loft
  • Area of architectural band, cornice, etc
  • Area of vertical sun breaker or box louver projecting out and other architectural features, for example slab projection for flower pot, etc
  • Open platform
  • Area of mumty, machine room, towers, turrets, domes projecting above terrace level.

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What is Super Built-Up Area and how to calculate it?

super built up area
super built-up area

The super built-up area is that the total sum of the built-up area and also the space occupied by common areas like lobby, staircase, elevator, shafts, clubhouse, etc.

Often, developers charge buyers as per this area to increase their cost of construction. Thus, it is introduced as ‘saleable’ area.

Nearly associated with the super built-up area is that the loading factor which is that the proportionate share of the common area in an apartment determined by applying a multiplier (1.25) to the carpet area.

This amounts to a rise of 25 percent or 30 percent of the entire saleable area. Its value is obtained because of the difference between the super built-up area and thus the carpet area. Many developers price the apartment as per the loading factor.

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Formula for calculating super built-up area:

Super built-up area = Built-up area + proportionate common area


Super built-up area = Carpet area (1 + loading factor)

Note: The loading would be within the range of 15% to 50%, based on Developer and the exact location.

The super built-up area is computed in a different manner, when there is more than one apartment on a floor.

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What is included in Super Built-Up Area?

  • Built up area of the flat
  • Clubhouses
  • Air ducts
  • Pipe / shaft ducts
  • Lift
  • Staircases
  • Lobby
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Any other common facilities

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What is Carpet Area and how to calculate it?

carpet area
carpet area

The carpet area is the internal usable area inside the house which is known as the net usable area. It excludes the thickness of the internal wall also excludes the balcony or terrace.

Technically, the area that can be covered by the carpet is called the carpet area. Also, it will include a staircase only if it is inside the apartment, but the balcony, lift, lobby, etc. will be excluded in the carpet area.

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Formula for calculating carpet area:

There are many ways to calculate carpet area. First of all you have to know that carpet area is 70% of the built-up area.

This means if the built-up area of the house is 1000 sq ft then the carpet area of that house is 70% of the 1000 sq ft means it is 700 sq ft carpet area.

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Formula to calculate carpet area:

Carpet area = Floor Area – External and internal wall thickness

Carpet area includes:

  • Rooms: Living room, kitchen, study room, bedroom, dining room, dressing room, other rooms, etc.
  • Bathrooms and toilet
  • Stores and staircase inside the property

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Carpet area excludes:

  • Terrace
  • Common areas
  • External and internal walls
  • Recesses and Utility ducts

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Comparison between Carpet Area and Built-up Area

Built-up area is the total area measured including the external wall of your house, including balcony, terrace, etc. A carpet area is the area enclosed within the walls of your house excluding inner walls.

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Importance of the carpet area and built-up area

The carpet area gives the basic idea of how much area can be used in the property. It is useful at the time of buying any property whereas a built-up area gives an idea of how much area to be constructed in the property.

It is mostly used by government departments to calculate the property tax.


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