Top 10 Latest Modern Duplex House Front Elevations Designs

Duplex house design collection having top 10 modern duplex house front elevation designs made by our expert home designers and architects team.


Nowadays, some people want to make a house for two brother or two families, but most of the time they are so confused about how to plan and design the house as per their requirements.


Therefore, for that condition duplex house is the best solution for two brothers or two families. It can be designed for the rich or middle-class family also. The duplex bungalow has two attached living unit so two families can use this home comfortably.


Duplex house is very common in this modern world but its exterior elevation design make it unique one. For that, here we present top 10 duplex home design glimpse to give you a best idea of your dream attached family house.


These house elevation designs are made with the unique and modern designs with various jazzy and harmonious colour combinations. Designs of porch, front gallery, compound wall and parapet wall etc. are made in modern and elegant way.


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Top 10 latest modern duplex house front elevation design ideas for your dream house:


Modern duplex house design:

modern duplex house design
modern duplex house design

The 3D elevation of this modern duplex house design is very unique which made by our expert designers. The dessert sand and grey colour with white portions brings the glorious look to this house.


It is the best and unique color integration for this ground floor house design which makes this exterior portion more attractive.


This house glimpse gives you a various new ideas for your dream home. The glass railing design also makes this house shiny. Front gallery design attracts the boldness of the house.


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Modern rich duplex house front elevation design in medium cost:

duplex home design
duplex home design

This is new elevation design which looks really aesthetic to this double floor house. With this steel pipe railing at the parapet wall design made at roof edge looks elegant to this duplex home.


In this duplex design, this front & corner side gallery shows different design and glass railing to the gallery edge also makes this house modern.


In this house design, this greenish grey and yellow colour tones looks more fresh and beautiful. The tile texture at front wall gives the smooth finish and looks beaming to this duplex bungalow design.


Low cost modern duplex house design with rich exterior architecture:

low cost duplex house design
low cost duplex house design

This double story duplex house design looks really beautiful in this elevation design. This new colour shade brings attractive view to this bungalow.

This 1000 sq ft duplex house design is also the best duplex house with similar elevation design.


The elegant parapet wall design created at roof and gallery edges gives the modern look to this duplex building. This is an Indian style parapet wall design which brings the glorious appearance to this duplex design.

This Duplex house design which is created in dessert sand, grey & white colour pattern which makes this home delicate. This colour combination looks more beautiful to this double floor house design.


Side wall CNC material gives the unique appearance to the front free space.


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Duplex house elevation for two brothers:

duplex house elevation for two brothers
duplex house elevation for two brothers

This is exterior elevation glimpse of duplex residential building by DK 3D home design. The elevation has designed by our experts with different ideas.


The original vision is to have a stylish-new design that feels like it have been the best residential place for comfortable living.


This colour combination of dark olive and lemon green with white shade, gives really attractive look to this modern big duplex house elevation.


The wooden work manifest in this structure at top of the roof edge brings the aesthetic vibes. The use of all the new designs on each property looks unique and at the same time provides a jazzy flow to this bungalow design. We are so happy to make our customers dream come true!


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Indian modern duplex home:

Duplex house design Indian style
Duplex house design Indian style

This glimpse shows a different colour combination in this indian style duplex house design. On this double story bungalow this dark maroon and peach colour shades looks fresh and bright.


People link a maroon tone with sophistication, so it can be a good selection for places where you’re trying to make the “right” impression. Having this paint colour in view also gives us a burst of strength, so this colour combination is good choice for homes.


Wall cladding applied on some part of the elevation made this duplex more prismatic and bold. The front balcony design brings the simple appearance to that duplex.


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Latest Modern duplex house front elevation design:

modern duplex house front elevation designs
modern duplex house front elevation designs

This modern duplex building elevation design is looking very beautiful with this colour combination. It looks fresh and bright in this colour pattern. The elevation design made at roof brings new looks to this double story house.


In this simple house design, parapet wall design at roof and gallery edge made in glass railing style which gives attractive appearance to this beautiful bungalow. This front side elevation design brings modern appearance to this two floor duplex house.


All small and big properties created very beautifully in this home design. The wooden frames & CNC frame gives the radiant appearance to this duplex house. The front compound wall also brightens the design look.


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Best simple duplex house elevation:

simple duplex house elevation
simple duplex house elevation

This is the front side elevation design of the duplex house. This design looks modern and unique in this 3D art. With the three colour combination such as grey, light brown and white this duplex looks very glorious.


Wall texture also looks modern at front porch. In this front elevation design, Indian style parapet wall design is used which look simple but modern with the steel pipe railing at roof. First floor gallery design with different square shapes gives the great appearance to this duplex home.


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4bhk duplex house design:

4bhk duplex house plan design
4bhk duplex house plan design

This exterior design looks so attractive to this duplex house. It gives a different color combination in light & dark colour tone with classy CNC & wooden work on some properties.


Tile texture on front side wall is also manifest in this modern house design. In this, parapet wall design shows the attractive appearance to the whole duplex home design.


The use of all the new designs on each portion looks unique and at the same time provides a stylish flow in the space.

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Duplex house elevation model with rich colour combinations:

duplex house models
duplex house elevation design

This vibrant duplex home design looks very beautiful with this fiery colour combination. The Front design between the two floors made simple with gray colour and white square box with long horizontal L – shape sharpen edge border at corner. Wooden cover is manifest to the foremost columns which looks modern.


The portion made at left side, design with the wooden work and C – shape elevation design. Steel pipe railing created Indian style appearance to this duplex bungalow. It looks fresh and bright in this colour pattern.


This golden colour combination dappled the whole look of this duplex design.


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Modern duplex home front elevation design for two family:

Modern duplex home front elevation design for two family
Modern duplex home front elevation design for two family

In this duplex house design every section of the elevation made with best idea and in modern style. The colour combination of white, pale red and dark maroon shade look glorious and jazzy to this dual house design.


This charming twin home elevation design has created to capture the sweeping view. The front X shape column support brings the new appearance to this duplex house.


This is a row house type building elevation design in which both the house designs are symmetrical. Bottom to top wall cladding brings the brilliant appearance to the duplex home.


Duplex house has the good investment options and have more benefits. It gives the complete comfort for the residents. The choice of different exterior house designs with glowing colour combination will make your home a perfect place for living.


We posted for you few aesthetic appearances of this modern Indian style duplex house, with this you can search here for other elevations of single, double or three story houses, bungalow in traditional and modern designs.


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