Types of beam

Before knowing different types of beam it is more important to understand what is the meaning of beam.

Meaning of beam:

The beam is the horizontal element of the building which resists the load of the structure. The main purpose of designing the beam is to resist the internal and external loads of the structure. The functionality of the beam is, it distributes the load of the slab, walls, and floors to the footing with the help of columns. The beam is a mixture of steel and concrete. It was all about what is beam, but there are lots of types of beam and they are explained so well as below.

meaning of beam

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Types of beam:

There are mainly five types of beam:

Simply supported beam.

Fixed beam.

Cantilever beam.

Continuous beam.

Overhanging beam.

Simply supported beam:

The simply supported beam is one of the most simplistic structures. A simply supported beam is a simple type of beam which is connected end to end unlike other types of beam. With this setup, the pillar is repressed from any vertical development at the two finishes though it is permitted to turn uninhibitedly. The image given will describe how the simply supported beam looks in real.

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types of beam
Simply supported beam

Fixed beam:

Fixed beam means the beam has its both end rigidly fixed and there will be no slope at the ends. A fixed beam is unified with closes limited from turn. Truly a pillars closes are rarely totally fixed, as they are regularly displayed for effortlessness. Although, they can without much of a stretch be limited sufficient comparative with the solidness of the pillar and section to be viewed as fixed. The image given below can be called fixed beam.

Dog legged staircase design

different type of beam
Fixed beam

Cantilever beam:

A cantilever beam means the beam has one end fixed and another end free. A cantilever is a fixed underlying component that expands on a level plane and is supported at just one end. Generally, it stretches out from a level vertical surface like a divider, to which it should be solidly appended. Like other primary components, a cantilever can be shaped like a slab, truss, etc. The image given below shows how the cantilever beam looks like in real life.

Roadside drainage system

types of beam
Cantilever beam

Continuous beam:

A continuous beam is one of the types of beam which is continuously supported over three or more supports. A continuous beam is a statically uncertain multi-span beam on fixed support. The end ranges might be cantilever, might be openly supported or fixed. At any rate, one of the support of a continuous beam should have the option to build up a reaction along the beam. The below image shows how a continuous beam looks like in real life.

Dog legged staircase plan

continuous beam in real life

Overhanging beam:

Overhanging beam means if the beam extends beyond the support of the beam then it can be called an overhanging beam. In the type of overhanging beams, a beam that has one or the two finishes loosening up beyond its support. It can have quite a little support. In the case of an overhanging beam, the bending moment is positive between the supports, whereas the bending moment is negative for the overhanging portion.

different types of beam
Overhanging beam

This is how overhanging beam looks like. These all were the different types of beam. I hope you understand the different types of beam. And thank you for seeing our post. Must share this if any of your friends or relatives need to know about this. Also visit our Youtube channel by clicking this link, DK3DHOMEDESIGN.


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