Different types of staircase with its design and detailed explanation

Types of staircase with its designs are the next part, firstly let’s know the what staircase means actually. So, the staircase is a platform made to go from one floor to another floor so that it is easy to go up and down.

There are so many different types of stairs but here we will see the most commonly used staircase. Nowadays, The staircase is made from wood, steel, and concrete. And in ancient times, stairs were also made from clay and stones.

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Most Important Different Types Of Staircase And Designs:


  • straight Staircase
  • L-shaped Staircase       {l shaped stairs}
  • Winder Staircase
  • U-shaped Staircase      {u shaped stairs}
  • Spiral Staircase            {string staircase}
  • Curved Staircase
  • Split Staircase/Bifurcated Staircase
  • Ladder Staircase


Different Types of stairs with detailed designs (Rcc Staircase)

Straight Staircase :


different types of staircase
Straight Staircase

This type of staircase is mostly seen in village/rural areas, because these staircases are straight and easy to make. It does not require much skill to make, so these straight staircases are low cost too.

Where there is no wide space these stairs have to be made. These stairs are made in a straight line with no turn in the flight therefore it’s called a straight staircase.

dog legged staircase plan

L-Shaped Staircase: (half turn stairs)


staircase types
L-Shaped staircase

Two flights have an angle of 90 degrees like ‘L’ therefore it’s called the L-shaped staircase. These stairs are made in a straight line in which, only one turn is given in the flight. This type of staircase is seen in rural and urban areas.

These L-shaped stairs are also easy to make so these stairs are done in more places. The L-shaped staircase is also beautiful to look at.

These stairs are done from outside the building but it is also made from inside the house in the duplex hall.


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winder staircase:


staircase types in detail
Winder staircase

These are all steps that are narrow on one side and broad on another side. These stairs are adjusted in less space. These staircases are also used on the inner and outer sides of the buildings.

In this winder staircase, there is no landing to change the direction. Instead of leaving the landing area open, cross steps are taken there. There are at least three or more steps are taken on the landing area.

U-shaped staircase:


different type of stair
U-shaped staircase

Two parallel flights of straight stairs connected by a landing that creates a 180-degree angle in between them it’s called a U-shaped or C-shaped staircase.

Landing takes place between two flights and both flights go to the opposite side. These are the most commonly used staircase.

These types of the staircase also look very beautiful and attractive. We can use the below portion of the staircase for storage or we can also use it for moving.

The U-shaped staircase is also an economical staircase.

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Spiral staircase and Curved staircase:


types of staircase
Curved or Spiral Staircas

A spiral staircase is a type of staircase which are connected to one pole or column that rotates in the same direction at 360 degrees on its side.

That pole act as a support to the staircase. These staircases are mostly done in commercial areas where having less space. These stairs acquire less area because these are surrounded to a single pole.

As compared to other types of staircase these spiral staircases are hard to use that’s why these stairs are made less for home.

Curved staircase/Helical staircases are also the types of spiral staircase but they don’t have a central column or pole and due to that, these curved staircase/helical staircases acquire more space than the spiral staircase.

Curved staircases are mostly used in big houses or bungalows or villas because they seems very attractive and beautiful.

Split staircase/Bifurcated staircase:


Different types of stairs
Split Staircase

These stairs are commonly used in big bungalows or public buildings. These staircases start from one flight and then divided into opposite directions in two flights.

These staircases are much costly as compared to other types of staircases. These stairs acquire more space as compared to other different types of staircases.


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Ladder staircase:


Types of staircase
Ladder staircase

These types of the staircase are not fixed at one space, Which means these are movable stairs.

The ladder staircase is a lightweight staircase so that can be very easy to move from one place to another. The image given is enough to clarify the ladder.

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