West Facing House Plan.


West facing house plan: West facing house plan as per Vastu


West facing house plan in 22×47 feet plot size made by our expert floor planners and architects by As per Vastu. This is the perfect West facing house Vastu plan for your dream house if you believe in Vastu plans.


You will get different types of west-facing Vastu house plans with different sizes. If you having a west-facing house, then this is the best house plan made as per Vastu, and it will give you the required information about Vastu shastra and west face. Take a look at this west facing house plans for 30×40 site as per vastu.


22×47 West facing house Vastu plan:



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22×47 house plan means the total area is 1,034sq. feet (116 guz). In this 22×47 house plan, We took outer walls of 9 inch and inner walls are 4 inches. All sides are covered by other properties, and we have only a west-facing road. This west facing vastu plan is made by considering the directions according to vastu


When you start from the main gate, there is a parking area in which the total parking area is 10’7”×13’ feet. On the left side of the parking, there is the staircase.


Stair Case of west facing house as per Vastu:


In this 22×47 west face building plan, The total area covered by the staircase is 6’4”x13’6” feet. These are also called Dog Legged staircase. This staircase is very useful for rent-purpose house plans.


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Living room of this west facing house plan:


In this 22×47 West Facing House Vastu Plan, The main door of the living room is 4’x7′ feet. We can increase or decrease the size of the door according to our requirements.

The inner size of a living room is 10’x15’5″ feet. The living room has one window of 5’x4′ feet, We can increase or decrease the size of the window by our requirements.

Then on the right side, there is a kitchen. Take a look at this north-east facing multi family house plan.


Kitchen of this west facing Vastu plan:


There is a kitchen in the backside of parking with a size is 10’2”x9’ feet. The kitchen has one window size is 5’X3’feet. The position of the kitchen of this Vastu plan is taken according to Vastu shastra.

On the right side of the kitchen, there is a common w.c.bath.

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Common W.C.Bath of this west facing house Vastu plan:


Common water closet and bathroom size are 6’10” X5’6” feet. There is an open duct in the backside of the w.c.bath for ventilation purposes. In the south-east corner, there is a bedroom. West facing Vastu plan with perfect toilet bathroom postion is given in this 22×47 west facing plan. Take a look at this north facing house vastu plan.


Bedroom of west facing house plan as per Vastu:


The size of the bedroom is 10’2” X10’feet, and there is one window for the bedroom of size 5’X4’feet.

And the bedroom has a door on the backside. 2’6” feet space is left in the backside of the room. In this West face house, The position of the bedroom is also taken according to Vastu. In the left side corner, there is a master bedroom.


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Master Bedroom of this west facing house plan


The size of the Master Bedroom is 10’X11’feet. The master bedroom has one window.

There is an attached toilet bathroom which is of size 6’3”x4’7” feet in the master bedroom. Take a look at this 30×40 east facing house plan.

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