Why Chimneys Are Useful Kitchen Appliances

Anyone who is building a new house or renovating an old one has this question on their mind, should I get a Kitchen Chimney? As there are many doubts about the effectiveness of a kitchen chimney, we can attest to the fact that kitchen chimneys are rather incredible appliances. 

The kitchen chimney was a concept imported from Europe where the kitchen uses much less frying, so the oil and fumes are quite low in these kitchens.

The chimneys were imported from Europe mainly from Italy and sold as is without looking at the needs of an Indian cuisine where we use a lot of frying and the cooking period is also more than double that of Europe. 

These chimneys were low inlet and were installed with carbon filters for air recirculation without ducting. This resulted in a further reduction in the suction capacity so that it could not get rid of smoke and dirt.

So customers who installed in recirculation mode at that time came to the conclusion that the chimney is just a decorative fixture and does not perform the function effectively.

Around 1999-2000 the Glen Chimney was introduced and here the company realized the mistakes of the previous companies and introduced chimneys with higher suction, and decided to install these chimneys only in ducting exhaust mode. 

Although the installations were expensive and required extra work, once installed the chimney worked perfectly and made the kitchen smoke and dirt free.

This strategy started to work and more and more satisfied customers started talking about it and there was a shift where people started making way for the Electric Chimney when designing kitchens.

Most brands started installing chimneys in exhaust mode with ducts, and the results were there for all to see.

With the suction problems a history, more and more brands have brought higher suction chimneys and in many designs and shapes. All this choice has made it more difficult for the customer who now has to choose from a wide range of models available and different technologies used by different brands.

So although there was now clarity that the chimney is in demand, the question changes which one to buy? How to choose the right kitchen chimney? So, now the dilemma has shifted from where do you really need a chimney to which range to look at.

The parameters to consider before buying a kitchen chimney are plenty, but some matter more than the others. 

  1. A chimney sized 75 CM or 90 CM is considered to adequately cover the emitted smoke from your stove.
  2. It is also necessary to examine the size of the kitchen to select the suction power in case the dimensions are larger the chimney will need to be large as well to properly handle all the smoke. 
  3. The length of the ducts that lead the smoke outward, and the number of bends also play a crucial role as the more the length and the number of bends, the greater the suction power required. The ideal length is up to 10 feet and 2 curves.
  4. Some extra features to consider are Touch Sensor control, heat and gas sensors, glass build, extra lighting. 

What makes Kitchen Chimneys useful?

If you are still not sold on the potential of kitchen chimneys, here are a few things they can help you achieve. Once you realize their potential, you can easily go on and purchase from some of the best chimney for kitchen that will make your cooking time more enjoyable, healthy and smoke free.

  1. No grease build-up – The worst part of cooking can be cleaning up afterwards. The grease that accumulates in the kitchen is actually all the fumes and fumes that finally settle on all your containers, on the walls, on the appliances, on literally everything. Getting a chimney in the kitchen frees you from that problem as all of those fumes and smoke will be released as soon as they detach from the food cooking down below.
  2. Removes hot air – Essentially the best part of the kitchen chimney, they make cooking much easier during humid summers. Kitchens can get extremely hot due to all the cooking that takes place inside them. If you don’t have a window in the kitchen, it can get even hotter and all that heat and fumes from the kitchen carry over to the rest of the house. Kitchen chimneys are perfect for removing all this excess heat. If you are cooking many dishes at the same time, or for many people, just blow the internal fan at high speed and it would work perfectly.
  3. Cleaner air – Hot cooking fumes are essentially polluting. It is always recommended to cook at lower temperatures to ensure a well cooked meal and less smoke. Kitchen chimneys, however, are also adept at cleaning these pollutants. This allows the air in the kitchen to be much cleaner by comparison and also prevents fumes from spreading to the rest of the house.
  4. Lighting – Cooking a midnight snack may not be easy without waking everyone up. The biggest challenge can be cooking without having the courage to turn on the lights. Well, even the kitchen chimneys are equipped with LED bulbs to make sure your kitchen is perfect, even at midnight, without the main lights on. 
  5. Aesthetics – If you’re someone who pays close attention to the aesthetics of your home and, by extension, your kitchen, a kitchen chimney is sure to add that sense of aesthetic that otherwise seemed to be missing. They are brightly designed appliances that look amazing when paired with a modular style kitchen. Sure to add some aesthetic to your kitchen, let’s not forget how incredibly functional these machines are.


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