House construction plan for 30×40 site : Best 1200-1250 sq ft 2bhk plan

There are many kinds of house construction plans for 30×40 sq ft site are being posted on DK 3D Home Design. You can check them out from here. “30×40 house plans and designs“.


And also, Here we posted a new perfect 2 bedroom house plan for 30×40 site ground floor 2D house plan with all the inner measurements. The total plot area of this single story house design is about 1200 square feet.


This 2-bedroom house’s actual size is 29’6.3”X42’7.8” sq ft area. This house plan can be adjusted in 30X40 sq ft area.


Here we consider it is a 30/40 sq ft house plan. This 1200 sq ft 2D house plan is provided by our customer in which 2BHK home concept is provided with front side clear porch & parking area.


Let’s see the all features of this single floor house plan.


House construction plan for 30×40 site in about 1200-1250 square feet 2bhk:

house construction plans for 30x40 site
house construction plan for 30×40 site 2bhk in about 1200 sq ft


In this 1200 sq ft home plan, the foremost side parking area is made in 7’X7’ sq ft space. Besides this verandah is provided with few stairs to access the house area.


Adjacent to this verandah, a staircase block is made for moving towards the next floor or terrace area. These are the dog-legged staircases in which 3 feet wide landing is made.


In this simple 2BHK house plan, through this verandah or otta you can enter into the welcome room that is in the living hall.


This living hall is given in 13’X16’ sq ft area. Beside the main door of this living room, the entry door for the kitchen and dining is made.


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This kitchen and dining room is provided in the 10’2”X15’ sq ft space. This room has 2’1.3” feet wide passage at left side.


In this 2d home plan, next to the kitchen 10’6”X11’ sq ft size bedroom is provided. Beside this bedroom, another master bedroom is made which is in same 10’6”X11’ sq ft size. This master bedroom has an inside attached toilet and bath area in 4’4”X6’6” sq ft area.


In this 30*40 sq ft house plan, adjacent to the master bedroom, the sanitary area is made with separate water closet and bathroom blocks.


This sanitary area is made for common use in this house plan. In which water closet is given in 3’6”X3’ sq ft space and bathroom is in 6’6”X4’ sq ft space.


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The front area of these blocks is made for basin purpose. On the backside of this sanitary area, an open 3’7” feet wide wash area is provided.


In this 30 by 40 sq ft house design, all the rooms are properly ventilated with doors and windows. Tentative furniture components also mentioned in this simple 2D house plan.


In the future you can make the first floor as like this ground floor plan for rental purpose, because the staircase block is made in front. In this, privacy will be maintained for both floors.


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