Ghar Ka Front Design | Simple ghar ka design, 3D design photos 50+

Ghar ka front design or House front elevation design means the exterior look of the house.

Some peoples also treat different names like Front elevation design, home exterior design, house elevation design, home elevation design, front look of the home, etc.


Elevation not only makes the house beautiful but also enhances the richness of the house. In elevation, the outer structure of the house is molded into the perfect shape which increases the beauty and richness of the house.

You can also get the different kinds of “ghar ka naksha” or 2d floor plans here.


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In this post, we are gonna share some latest attractive 3D home front elevation designs, village single floor home front design, front design of house in small budget, single floor house front design 3d, single floor house front design etc. 25+ village single floor home designs.



50+ ghar ka front elevation design photos 3D:


It is very difficult to make a house front design [ghar ka front design] more beautiful, But DK 3D Home Design knows how to make every difficulty easier.


Below are some images showing single floor house design, small house designs, house design front view, modern house front elevation, normal house front elevation designs, single floor village home front elevation design, etc.


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Single floor ghar ka design Indian style

ghar ka front design
ghar ka front design

This is the village single floor home front design with two side roads. Therefore, this is a corner house design. Two side front elevation of this simple house is increasing the beauty of the house.


Also, the corner window design of this single floor house looks more dashing and makes the corner view more attractive.


This type of front elevation design is famous in India so, People also call it different names like ground floor house elevation designs in Indian, single floor house design India, front wall design in an Indian house, front wall design in Indian house simple, etc.


Simple ghar ka front elevation design image:

ghar ka design

This single floor ghar ka front design [house front design] having a unique exterior color combination with an attractive front elevation design.

Front elevation and color combination mixing up together and increase the whole attractiveness of this ground floor house design.


Making ground floor elevation or single floor elevation more attractive is an art and DK 3D home design is the most popular in this art.


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Village normal house front elevation design [ gaon ke chhote ghar ka design]

house front design

There are different choices in front elevation designs in India in rural and urban areas. This type of design is most liked only in the village area. Because it has more elevation designs as compared to normal house design.


This is also part of low-cost normal house front elevation designs. The color combination of this village normal house front elevation design is suitable for its front view.


The window design of this simple house is a unique design that is most popular in the village area. You will also like these attractive 3D house design images.


घर का डिजाइन फोटो hd [Modern normal house front elevation] 

ghar ka front design photos
ghar ka front design photos

The staircase tower design and porch design‘s combination are making the modern normal house front elevation design more awesome.


The glasses used on the staircase tower design / mumty design increase the beauty of the whole front elevation of this modern normal house.


This is also a contemporary house design because the front elevation design part of this single floor house is more wide and large and made with only brick, sand, cement, and concrete.


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Front design of house in small budget:

simple ghar ka front design

If the width of the plot is under 20 feet then this type of design is more suitable and used so, this is also nearly 20 feet front elevation design.

It is a very small house design in a small budget because there is only a staircase tower and a small porch in front elevation.

The combination of the mumty design and small porch increases the attractiveness of this small house front elevation design.

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2 floor ghar ka design:

new ghar ka front elevation design

The exterior color combination of this double floor house front elevation design is unique and gives more attractiveness to the house. This is one of the luxurious houses which is made only in a high budget.

The parapet wall design and the balcony design give more attractiveness to the house and making the look of the house more cool.


Another 2 floor ghar ka front elevation design image:

simple ghar ka design
simple ghar ka design 3D

Yellow exterior color house front design of this front elevation for 2 floor house is a different type of front design because it has a single room on the first floor and a more open terrace area.


This design is made according to our customer’s requirement because they had a low budget so they wanted only one room on the first floor. Therefore, this design is also called a low budget house front design.


The parapet wall design and balcony designs of the first floor room are very attractive. The compound wall also matches its front elevation.


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Simple modern ghar ka design

घर का डिजाइन फोटो hd
घर का डिजाइन फोटो hd

Elevation design of two floor building design increases the elegance of the home exterior. This two floor home design looking more elegant with its porch and mumty design.

Two vertical window designs also increase the beauty of this two floor building design.


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Latest new ghar ka front elevation design:

3D front elevation designs

Second-floor house front design means ground floor + first-floor design. In this building design, there are two symmetrical parts used in the front elevation design. This is two brothers house design or multi-family house design.


The common staircase is given in the middle of two families. This staircase can be used to go from one floor to multi-floor. Due to this type of design, we can also use it as multi story rent purpose house design.


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Indian ghar ka front design:

house elevation designs

This is a modern and luxurious photo of ghar ka front design. This type of design is not preferred to common people because it is a high-budgeted house design.


This is also a simple bungalow design because it has a decorative PVC panel design and CNC designs. It also used high-quality textures and paints on the exterior and interior design.


Light effects increase the richness of the building. All these designs are made by DK 3D home design. DK 3D home design has experience in making more than 5000+ 3D front elevation designs and floor plans.


DK 3D home design has made different types of house front elevation designs like,


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If you want to see many more similar house designs, Watch the below videos.


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I hope you liked these all-attractive ghar ka design. And thank you for seeing our post.

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