2000 sq ft house plan with 3D front elevation design Indian style

2000 sq ft house plan is the best 3 story Indian style house plan in 40×50 square feet plot with its front elevation and different exterior color combinations made by our expert home planners and 3D home designers team.

If you have currently invested in a plot and are interested to start the development of your dream house, you must have been searching for the best 3 story modern duplex house design that can perfectly address your unique needs of luxury, style, and comfort.

you can search here lots of single floor and double floor 3D elevation designs and 2D floor plans too.

A modern three-floor 2D duplex home plan is posted with the elegant 3D front exterior look to showcase our lots of ideas. This new duplex house exterior is designed with a Few Variety of color combinations to show its beautiful appearance from the outside.

Here is the best floor plan for developing a Modern duplex house. It is designed as per our client requirements with 3 combine floors.


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2000 sq ft House Plan with Pleasing 3D Front Elevation Design Indian style & Various Color combination:


As it is a g+2 house plan, it will have a separate floor plan for each floor. Let’s see all of them one by one.


Ground Floor Plan:


2000 sq ft house plan


In this 3-floor house plan, From the service road, the total plot area of this modern house plan is 2000 Square feet ( 50*40 feet ). This is an east-facing duplex bungalow, constructed at the center of the plot leaving the side space around the house for proper ventilation and some free space also available for the lawn.

At the front, there is a 13’4”x13’ feet car parking area and for the entrance in the house 4’ feet wide verandah with some stairs is provided.


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Living Room:


In this 2000 sq ft modern house plan, 16’x19’6” feet duplex Living room with an inside stairway is set out for a huge interior look.


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Besides this, there is a desirable kitchen of size 11’x12’ feet is located. Inside the lounge, 11’x5’ feet space is provided for a separate pooja room.


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Master bedroom:


Right of the living room, a master bedroom 13’x12’ feet with suitable dressing space and 8’x4’ feet attached toilet/bath is provided.


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Common T/B:


Below from the staircase area on the left side, entry for the common toilet is provided. Its size is settled as 11’x4’ feet.


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First Floor Plan:


40x50 house plan


in this modern 40×50 3-floor house plan, Inside the living room, there is an easy stairway is provided to move towards the first floor. On the 1st floor, there is a free passage given for easy moving.

The 1st floor of this plan is opened above the ground floor living area by considering a duplex idea in it.


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In this 40 by 50 house plan, On the both left and right sides, 2 master bedrooms are located with attached toilet area. The size of the left side bedroom is 11’x13’ feet having a front face 4’4” feet wide gallery.

The right side master bedroom is sized 13’x12’ feet including a dressing space. In front of this Master Bedroom 13’4”x13’ feet open porch is provided.


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Second Floor Plan:


g+2 house plan


In this 2000 sq ft house plan, The second-floor plan is having an open terrace with one master bedroom unit. It has the same features as the 1st-floor bedroom like a dressing area and attached toilet.

Its area is 12’7”x14’  feet in size. The entry on the second floor is with the same staircase from the Ground floor.

Now take a look towards the 3D exterior i.e front elevation of this 2000 square feet elegant home plan.

This duplex-style house exterior is designed by our expert architectures to give it a modern look from the outside with perfect color combination and Different exterior materials.


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In this 3D elevation design of a 40×50 3 story house plan, as per the customer requirements, the front side is designed with rich colors.


Front Elevation Type 1:


3 floor house design

In this 3D elevation design of this 2000 sq ft house plan, as per the customer’s requirements, the front side is designed with rich colors.

Looking towards this elevation, A Compound wall is represented in the latest design with the main gate.

In this home design, beautiful CNC work is showed for an elegant view. A transparent glass railing also showcases all the galleries of this house. At the top, a beautiful square piping style is revealed to give an attractive look.


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Front Elevation Type 2:


3 story house design

This exterior looks simple than above. We modify this elevation as per our customer requirements.

It shows a different color combination and stylish wall cladding. Wooden work is also manifest in this 3-floor house design.

In this 3d design, lighting units are also indicated properly for the night appearance.


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Front Elevation Type 3:


elevation design of 3 floor house

Here another bright and fresh colored 3 story modern house exterior is prepared by our designers to gives a new idea about this 2000 square feet duplex home.


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Front Elevation Type 4:


G+2 house design

It is also the best and unique color integration for this 3-floor house design which makes this exterior portion more attractive. This color combination is not mostly seen, but it looks great to this building. This house glimpse gives you various new ideas for your dream home.


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