Simple house design | Top 10 simple home design ideas

Simple house design means nothing but the normal house front elevation design or the designs having a low budget and very simple in front elevation.

Normally in a simple house design, there are fewer elevation parts elevated in house construction like heavy extra columns, beams, chajjas, and slabs. Due to this, the total construction cost reduces so that they called low budget simple house design.

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There are lots of simple house designs available on the internet but here you will get to see the 10 most beautiful and attractive simple house front design images made by expert architects and house designers of DK 3D home design.


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Top 10 most attractive simple house design images :

#1. Simple house front elevation designs for single floor:

Simple house front elevation designs for single floor
Simple house front elevation designs for single floor

This is one of the most beautiful Simple house front elevation designs for single floor having a beautiful portico design and mumty design.

The exterior look of this single floor simple house elevation is more attractive due to its exterior color combinations. Parapet wall design also increases the beauty of this simple single floor house design.

The simple flat roof of this house design makes it different than normal houses.


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#2 Simple home design in village with attractive color combinations:

simple home design in village
simple home design in village

This type of simple house design is mostly seen in the village area. In this simple Indian house design, the front wall attracts the eyes because its front window designed with an attractive arch and grooves.

The beautiful exterior color combination of this simple house design is a unique color combination. Also, portico and parapet wall design is the most attractive part of this simple small house design.


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#3. Simple modern house design with architectural look:


This is a modern house exterior design because the elevation part of this house is made with simple and large parts of columns, beams, and slabs.

The modern look of balcony design and gallery design increases the beauty of this simple modern house.

The front wall created with attractive tiles and the chajja of the corner window is designed with a simple design and that gives the different look to the building.


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#4. Simple two storey house design in low budget :


This type of design mostly seen in Indian villages. The elevation part of this building is made with low cost materials like sand, brick, cement, and concrete only.

There are no extra high budgeted materials used in front elevation. That’s why it is a low budget or low cost simple home design. The middle balcony design is the most attractive part of this 2 storey house.


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#5. Simple single floor house front design with rich color combination:


This single floor house design is one of the combinations of modern and Indian style house design. The front porch design is unique and extraordinary with a large space. This space is also called a sit-out area.

All side ventilations give a luxurious feeling to the eyes and get more fresh air and light into the house interior side. The left side mumty look gives extra value to the front elevation. And the outside look of this simple home gives the feeling of a bungalow.


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#6. simple elevation design for 2 floors building:

simple elevation designs for 2 floors building
simple elevation design for 2 floors building

The front width of this modern simple 2 storey building is about 25-30 feet. All the credit for giving such beautiful designs even in such a low front goes to the DK 3D home design’s architects.

The combination of mumty design and porch design is adjusted perfectly therefore whole building looks like a villa design.

The modern look of this building is matched on its outside color combination. CNC jali used in the porch gives a more shiny look to the gallery of this double floor building.


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#7. Simple beautiful house model of single floor:

simple beautiful house
simple beautiful house

The orange color combination makes this single floor house different and attractive than the other house designs. This design is made for one of our clients who live in a small village.

These types of simple designs are mostly liked in the Indian village area. The porch design and window design make this simple house into a beautiful house.

If you have a small budget like between 5 lakh to 15 lakh, then this type of house plans and designs are perfect for your low budget dream house.

The window design of a living room is decorated with beautiful front elevation. The backside mumty design also looks awesome.


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#8. Simple house front design with beautiful balcony :simple front balcony design house

The balcony design of this simple two story house is the most attractive and main part. This balcony design decorated with beautiful CNC and iron pipes with a glass railing design.

Two columns left to the balcony are looking more rich and attractive. The main gate design with beautiful compound wall design is the highlighted part of this front elevation.

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#9. Simple house design with 3 bedrooms:

simple house designs 3 bedrooms
simple house designs 3 bedrooms

In this beautiful house design, there is 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms on the first floor is given.

The balcony design and gallery design is the main attractive part of this building. This part gives the awesome look to the whole front design. The exterior color combination is a different color combination that increases the richness of the building.

This type of front design is suitable in the village or urban areas. The rounded circular part on the porch giving the dashing look to the balcony.


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#10. Simple bungalow house design:


This type of bungalow designs rarely seen due to its high cost. This type of house is not affordable for common people. To make the decorative part on this bungalow front elevation required skilled masons.

This type of design is also called the classic design or kothi design. Only rich people can build this type of luxurious bungalow.


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I hope you like all these top 10 simple house designs. You can comment below on which number of buildings you have most liked.

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For more simple house designs watch the video given below.

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